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Self-owned brand cars are becoming more and more expensive. Are consumers taking advantage or car companies making money?

2022-11-24 21:24:28exclusive engine

Once upon a time, domestic cars were synonymous with low quality and cheap.

At that time, most consumers chose cheaper domestic cars based on the principle of "say yes first, then say yes".At that time, domestic independent brands focused on the low-end market.

Of course, not all self-owned brands are willing to "sink" into the low-end market, and many car companies have also made efforts including brand enhancement for their own products.For example, BYD's brand strategy of "having more children is easier to fight", but limited by its own strength at the time, did not succeed.

You must know that the domestic brands at that time could not afford such a high premium in any case. Even if a new car with sufficient product power and quality was built, the high price made consumers unable to buy it.start.

It is gratifying that, as the SUV products of domestic brands shine brightly and gain a group of consumers, independent car companies have regained their confidence.

At the same time, self-owned brands also realize that mastering the core technology will be the key to success in the future.So we can see that domestic brands continue to make breakthroughs in key technical fields including engines, gearboxes, chassis structures, and car-making platforms.

In addition, the design, quality, materials, craftsmanship and other fields of domestic cars have been comprehensively improved, and more and more consumers have begun to change their car buying concepts.The basic attributes they value, such as "skin and durability", are already available in domestically produced cars, and have even exceeded expectations.

With the "leap-forward" development of self-owned brands, the market monopolized by multinational brands and even luxury brands has been loosened, and more and more domestically-produced cars have appeared in it.And the products comprehensively cover the segments of sedan, SUV, and MPV, including traditional fuel vehicles and hot new energy vehicles.

In terms of sedans, such as Hongqi H9, Weilai ET7/ET5, Zhiji L7, BYD Han, Jikr ZEEKR 001, etc., there are more SUVs, such as Tank 300/500, Ideal L9, Weilai ES7/ES6, smallPeng G9 et al.

At the same time, the MPV market also shows signs of "prosperity", such as Trumpchi M8 Grandmaster series, Hongqi HQ9, Jikr ZEEKR 009, Lantu Dreamer, Denza D9, etc.Although the audience in this market segment is relatively small, the launch of these MPVs has indeed caused a storm.

It is noteworthy that independent brands have also begun to set foot in the mid-to-high-end market.For example, BYD has just released its own high-end brand "Looking Up".It will be in the range of 400,000-600,000.

At the same time, the Salon Automobile built by Great Wall, as well as Jidu and Xiaomi are deployed in mid-to-high-end models.It is conceivable that domestically-produced cars in the future will fully develop mid-to-high-end models. By then, mid-to-high-end models will no longer be the exclusive rights of traditional joint venture brands or luxury brands.

So, the more domestic products are sold, the more expensive they are. Are consumers taking advantage or independent car companies making money?

Actually, these two issues cannot be simply summed up in one or two sentences.From the perspective of consumers, generally speaking, consumers make a deliberate decision to buy a car.In addition to the attributes of "high cost performance", domestic brands can increase their volume, and they also have continuously improved sense of quality and overall design. This can be said to be the survival secret of independent brands.

For example, the tank 300 SUV has occupied a place in the field of traditional hardcore off-road vehicles with its unique attributes.You must know that this market has been monopolized by products such as Prado, Patrol, Wrangler, and Defender in the past.

Tank 300 allows consumers to buy a new car that is not inferior to the old hardcore off-road SUV with high configuration at a lower price. Why not do it!

Including BYD Han, Ideal L9, Jikrypton 001, Trumpchi M8 Grandmaster, etc., all follow the principle of high cost performance.Therefore, for consumers, choosing high-end models of domestic brands is, in most cases, value for money, or even value for money.

On the other hand, for independent car companies, it is certain to make money, otherwise how to realize the upgrading of technology.

Earlier car companies such as Geely, Great Wall, BYD, Chery, etc. invested the money they earned in the production field, mastered a more comprehensive and high-quality industrial chain, and more mature production technology, etc., canCost control is very good, and the ability to resist risks is also stronger.However, for the new car-making forces, although the sales volume is also good, there is still some time before the profit "turns positive".

Currently, independent car companies can't just focus on profits. Only by creating products that consumers recognize can they achieve sales growth. By then, making money will be a matter of course.

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