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Auchan X5 PLUS, equipped with Blue Whale 1.5T engine, accelerates from 0 to 100 in 7.51 seconds, starting at RMB 99,900

2022-11-24 21:24:55Dear Auto

Auchan X5 PLUS is a new model launched by Changan Automobile. The pre-sale price has been announced. A total of three models have been launched, with a pre-sale price of 99,900 to 117,900 yuan.

Auchan X5 PLUS has made a new upgrade on top of Auchan X5.In terms of styling, the Auchan X5 PLUS adopts the Shaping Light 2.0 design aesthetics, presenting a richer sporty style.

The hood extends 36mm forward and presses down 5° to strengthen the dive posture.

The aspect ratio of 0.865 strengthens the wide-body and low-slung body posture.

The wheelbase is extended to 2715mm, the axle length ratio reaches 1:1.67, and the wind resistance is as low as 0.345, showing the ultimate sense of movement.

Personally, I like the 3D curved grille without boundaries. The grille is perfectly connected with the body, allowing the vision to extend without boundaries.

The red-flame double-bladed taillights and streamer flame tail fins at the rear make the sense of movement more tangible.

In the interior, Auchan X5 PLUS incorporates stronger technological elements.

The 30-inch encircling smart triple screen can be shared and linked, highlighting technology and personality.

In addition, more diverse color contrast and material splicing designs are adopted.

The one-piece sports seat has better wrapping and support.

Power is one of the highlights of Auchan X5 PLUS. It is equipped with a new generation of Blue Whale NE15 engine with a rated power of 138kW, a maximum torque of 300N m, and an acceleration time of 0-100km/time of only 7.51 seconds.

In terms of book data, it is already comparable to an SUV equipped with a 2.0T engine.

Auchan X5 PLUS has also been fully upgraded in terms of handling and driving comfort. The whole series is equipped with front McPherson rear multi-link independent suspension and flexible sub-frame structure as standard.The rigidity of the chassis attachment point is increased by 26%, the body shaking is optimized by 12%, the vibration intensity is optimized by 31%, and the softness of the vehicle is increased by 62%, achieving leapfrog comfort and enjoyment.

Surprisingly, the Auchan X5 PLUS adopts an adaptive active air intake grille.It can not only save fuel and reduce consumption by intelligently adjusting the opening/closing of the grille.Moreover, it can heat up the car faster in winter and start it faster.

In terms of driving modes, Auchan has brought 6 modes in one breath: Comfort, Economy, Sports, Track, Smart Smart and Snow Mode, 6 multi-scene modes, so that everyEvery user can handle it with ease.

In terms of intelligence, Auchan X5 PLUS is equipped with Auchan Auto OnStyle5.1 Smart Happy Cockpit-Youth Special Edition.

The car machine uses a high-performance MTK8666 octa-core chip, which can achieve voice wake-up in 0.8 seconds, face recognition in 1 second, extremely fast boot in 1 second, and lightning networking in 1 second.

At the same time, Auchan X5 PLUS is equipped with a full-scenario smart outside car voice, and for the first time uses an energetic male voice selected by fans as the car-machine voice, making the interaction between people and cars more emotional.

In addition, Auchan X5 PLUS is equipped with intelligent configurations such as infrared light-sensing internal and external dual-camera face recognition system, GRS2.0 gesture recognition system, friend mode, etc., making the interaction richer and driving more convenient.

In terms of car control, the Auchan X5 PLUS is equipped with a tracking and reversing function. When the vehicle is driving on a narrow road and it is difficult to turn around, turn on the tracking and reversing, and you can return with one key.This function is very friendly to novice drivers.

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What is consumption upgrade?It's not that the price of cars is getting more expensive, but that without price increases, car configurations are getting richer and richer, which can give consumers more enjoyment.The pre-sale price of Auchan X5 PLUS is only 99,900 to 117,900 yuan. With so many configurations, there is no second model on the market.

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