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The three arrows of platform, battery and power system are launched together, and Dongfeng Fengxing is on the fast track of new energy

2022-11-24 21:59:57BigDriver


11月24日,Dongfeng popular held by“Popular charged 领势前行”为主题的新能源战略发布会,Declaring the overall layout of new energy track.期间,Dongfeng popular new energy released exclusiveEMA-E架构、Armor battery and power system,Reflects its lead in the field of new energy technology.

当前,The new energy wave is rolling forward,Age under the big trend,China's new energy automobile development also accelerate into“快车道”,Car companies have moved to a new round of“军备竞赛”.Dongfeng popular actively pursuing new and change,Seize opportunities and draw out the ambitious development blueprint,In the core areas of new energy has constructed the technical barriers to.

Seven features can fu,Dongfeng popular new energy release exclusiveEMA-E架构

Platform is inspection car companies development level is important part of,To determine whether the brand models can also achieve the sustainable development of、迭代.Dongfeng popular releasedEMA-ENew energy exclusive architecture,Have high expanding,Can be perfectly compatible with pure electric and hybrid two mainstream of new energy power.在“电动化、高性能、够安全、稳操控、模块化、轻量化、可靠化”7Under the big characteristic of fu can,Not only can provide top global quality standard authentication,More consumers can bring long life、超大空间、超级安全、Super performance four benefits,Comprehensive refresh car experience.

EMA-EArchitecture of electric,围绕用户体验,In view of the energy and momentum core requirements,全面打造“三位一体”Low energy consumption technology product system,支持400-1200公里续航,Meet the needs of users for ride.性能方面,The most advanced first by huaweiTMS2.0Heat pump heat management system,Compared to the industry integration heat pump,-7℃能耗优化20%.此外,Choose the efficientEHB能量回收系统,可提升6%的续航.EMA-EThe architecture also lead to better for the product control,舒适性提升18%,Hold steady characteristics improve8%,Can realize stable dynamic performance and good driving experience.

在安全性上,基于EMA-EArchitecture to build the product body high strength cockpit skeleton,匹配8-12气囊+4-6Preloaded system,With a full range of safety care.At the same time carry gold medal won a number of auxiliary driving auxiliary driving system,Greatly reduce the probability of safety accidents and level.

New architecture platform while focusing on safety also not ignore for the optimization of vehicle weight,Based on the advanced body structure and new materials technology system,The platform weight5%.The vehicle lightweighting coefficient5.70,优于行业平均水平6.50.得益于“5+1”模块,构建117个子模块,EMA-EThe architecture also improve space utilization,并且兼容5/6/7等10多种座椅组合方式,The compartment volume maximum expand2800L.

在研发过程中,EMA-EArchitecture is over1700A number of stringent tests verify,User scenarios road simulation test accumulated300多万公里,And based on the dongfeng popular decades of experience in building cars, and improve the quality of the system,To ensure the high reliability of the product.

归结而言,EMA-EArchitecture has the top global quality standard authentication,Would bring to the consumer space、安全、驾乘、可靠、Dynamic aspects of awareness promotion.Based on this architecture platform,Dongfeng popular as of2025年底将推出3大类型8款新能源产品,Fully meet the demand of consumer diversity.

Blockbuster releases armour battery,Dongfeng popular to build four dimensional high battery protective shield technology

对于新能源车型而言,The battery safety is always is not open around the topic.Dongfeng popular armor battery has released four dimensional ultra-high shield technology,从电芯、模组、The whole package to the vehicle,As with armor,Four heavy protective blessings,Can perfectly solve the new energy vehicles user security concerns the battery.

逐一来看,In the bottom of the cell layer,Armor battery USES the diaphragm fireproofing coating technology to cover every single batteries,可承受800度高温.At the same time increase nano-scale heat insulation between batteries aerogel,Batteries discharge air temperature rapid expansion will,Created a unique security module for batteries.并且,The high voltage in the nickel anode,Both nickel and nickel thermal stability and high energy density in the,The batteries in complex conditions is to have excellent thermal stability.Came to the module layer,Armor battery is adopted high strength shell protection,Module shell melting point up to1200度,Can effectively prevent heat diffusion.And adopted the joint surface integration system,With preciseness thermal conductive path design keep module in20-30Comfortable operating environment of,Equivalent to the module for batteries with a“小空调”.To the outside of the whole package layer,Armor battery adopts strengthen aluminum plate as a case,To strengthen the whole package structure and the vibration by、冲击、Squeeze the gb53Item and the90A verification test.It also has a car cloud double platform security early warning,Security monitoring the whole package security status,Abnormal state timely warning three monitoring system,IP68Level battery flood protection time is24h,For the national standard of48倍,The safety of the whole battery pack attributes leading.

此外,Dongfeng popular further as the battery with the layer of the protective,High strength manganese steel chassis armor,To effectively prevent the uneven road surface and hard objects battery bruised,And driving wheels roll up sand hard hit in the process of cells to produce damage.The high strength protective body box beam has been through2022Car extreme safety top challenge in China-Jamb crash test,In the test of power battery industry demanding,Armor is perfect by the battery scraping the bottom of、托底、Soak safety test project,The empirical safety performance.

Outside the high safety performance,A strong armor various power battery.Capacity of battery pack the whole package at up to85.9kWh,能量密度>175Wh/kg,Under the high capacity and energy density of,The vehicle range can effectively improve.Carrying armor battery popular thunder,可做到充电1次CLTCRange and the high of630km,Life performance is very good.And armor battery support super rapid battery technology,充电15min续航增加100+km,30%-80%充电时间约37min,It can also be the biggest160kW的峰值功率输出,To fully release the vehicle performance,Enhanced driving experience.

可以说,Armor battery in ultra high protective shield technology under the blessing,In the security achieves the fire、防水、The force、The effect of the magnetic,In performance but also has the industry leading level.此外,Dongfeng popular self-built battery safety remote monitoring system can monitor for the whole life cycle of the battery,Perfect solved the new energy vehicle market“安全焦虑”.

纯电&Hybrid wings fly together,Lead to technological innovation to build competitive

Hybrid technology is one of the important supporting car companies to realize green transformation,Pure electric technology is the ultimate direction of new energy vehicles in the future.Popular in dongfeng dongfeng group in the field of new energy technology achievement,And through their own exploration and accumulation in the field of new energy,With market consumption trends,打造了纯电+Hybrid wingers new energy technology development mode.

Armor battery+Huawei fu heat management system can,Dongfeng popular winter not electrically

In pure electric technology,Dongfeng popular whole series of pure electric vehicles will be the standard for security research and development of armor battery,Build comprehensive system of pure electric safety.At the same time carry huawei heat management system,让冬季续航提升15%以上.

Dongfeng popular with Mach power system,热效率超45%,行业第一

在混动技术领域,Dongfeng's popular hybrid cars will use the dongfeng group autonomous grasp core technology of double with MachMHD混动系统,拥有14项世界领先的创新专利技术储备.Pick up the second generation of double with MachMHD混动技术的SUV车型,Accelerate response speed only0.15秒,Hundred kilometers feed fuel consumption can be as low as4.8L,综合油耗低于2L.未来,Dongfeng's popular models will also carry the third generation of double with MachMHD混动系统,其中,New Mach1.5THybrid special engine using a number of industry leading technology,热效率达到45%以上,傲视同级.Dongfeng will be popular in large models based on double majors MachMHD混动系统,Bring consumers a province、极速、Very quiet ride experience.


Dongfeng popular implementation in three years100%电动化,Five years production fuel car,并于2025Years as China's young people like new energy mainstream brand as a strategic goals,3In aggregate has invested50亿元,预计到2030Year will more than200亿元,At the same time around the key core technology of new energy,Dongfeng popularity has super1000人的技术团队.目前,Dongfeng has popular new energy technology in the field of all,Science and technology pioneer pure electricSUVPopular thunder and flagship new energyMPVStunning appearance conference,Product process steady progress.With powerful technology is in accordance with the brace,Combined with the new energy strategy to carry out,Dongfeng popular or will quickly realize lead in new energy on the track.

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