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Whose face did the "footage recorder" hit?Chaozhou Tesla accident whether brake failure

2022-11-24 22:06:56TechWeb

A few days ago, a Tesla Model Y in Chaozhou, Guangdong failed to park on the side of the road, ran 2.6 kilometers and hit multiple cars in a row, resulting in 2 deaths and 3 injuries.On November 13, the family members of the car owner claimed through social media that the car owner had more than 20 years of driving experience and had slammed on the brakes but failed to slow down when the accident occurred. It is hoped that the relevant departments will investigate the cause of the accident as soon as possible.

Subsequently, a female car owner in Guangdong installed a mini-camera at the bottom of her newly bought Tesla cab to capture the braking position, which attracted attention.Some netizens questioned that he modified the circuit without authorization.

The car owner posted a video response saying that he trusted Tesla, but trust seemed cheap in front of the evidence, and said that there was no need to change the wiring at all to install the camera. At the same time, the female car owner complained that Tesla had just bought itcut prices.

In fact, this kind of operation has already been taken by many Tesla owners. Of course, it has also aroused discussions among many car owners. Whose face did the "travel recorder" hit in such a helpless behavior?

Regarding the previous Chaozhou accident, Tesla staff told China Economic Weekly that all Tesla vehicles are equipped with EDR. This time, in cooperation with the police investigation, a third party obtained the EDR data as soon as possible.;Tesla’s brake system is provided by Dr., not exclusive; the power output will indeed be cut off after the airbag is deployed, but the driver stated that he lost consciousness at the time and did not apply the brakes, so he saw that the vehicle continued to move forward relying on inertia until the collision stoppedDown.

Although the results of the authoritative determination have not yet been released, there are many doubts about the owner of the car, Mr. Zhan, and Tesla on the Internet.Those who tend to believe that Mr. Zhan "stepped on the wrong brake" believe that most of the related accidents may be caused by the large gap between the driving habits of electric vehicles and fuel vehicles. Some accidents in this case have nothing to do with the vehicle's brake pedal.

Netizens who tend to believe that there is indeed a problem with Tesla's brakes believe that the fact that the brake signal is not detected in the background does not mean that the owner has not stepped on the brakes.Naturally, the brake signal cannot be detected in the background.

In addition, there are many industry insiders pointing fingers at Tesla's "single-pedal mode."Chen Zhen, a well-known car critic, believes that the so-called "single-pedal mode", that is, forced strong kinetic energy recovery, is extremely uncomfortable for old drivers and those who need to switch between other models and Tesla.Friendly, even a security risk...

Former automotive engineer Zhu Dianju (net name Ip Man) also publicly stated that similar accidents occurred in a large number, regardless of whether Tesla's brakes were physically problematic or their design caused many old drivers to "step on their brakes".Wrong” issue, this blame is not wronged by Tesla.

Similarly because of the suspected "brake failure", in April 2021, after the "Shanghai Auto Show Roof Rights Protection" incident occurred, negative public opinion about Tesla's quality problems intensified, and Tesla became more and more concerned.A series of traffic accidents occurred one after another, which was further pushed to the cusp of public opinion.

At the same time, Tesla's sales in China have also declined. In April 2021, its sales in China were 11,954 vehicles, a month-on-month decrease of 65.51%.According to a report from Sina Technology, Tesla’s orders in China in May of that year were nearly halved compared with April.

Since then, after Tesla announced a price cut at the end of July 2021, its sales have gradually increased.Also facing the pressure of public opinion suspected of "brake failure", will Tesla cut prices again?

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