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Can I buy Angkesaila with a monthly salary of 4,000?

2022-11-24 22:37:43Oriental Information Automobile

First of all, everyone must know that buying a car depends not only on the monthly salary, but also on the amount of savings, otherwise there is no car with zero down payment in the world.Even if you have savings, it still depends on the cost of living. If you are in a first-tier city, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, you should ride an electric car honestly with a monthly salary of 4,000. If you are in a small city, the monthly salary of 4,000 is also stressful.But you can buy it if you really want to.

Actually, Angkesaila is also a car I like very much. The model is very suitable for young people, and the most important thing is that Angkesaila inherits the tradition of Mazda. The handling is really good, and the power is not bad.Momentum is at your beck and call.Although there is no T, the advantage of natural aspiration is that the power output is smooth and there is no sense of frustration.Thanks to the blessing of Chuangchi Blue Sky Technology, Angkesaila is quite fuel-efficient and has low maintenance costs.And the quality of Mazda is also good, there are not many small problems.And if you're buying a car for the first time, it's a great car.

Next, I will take you to know about the lowest price of Angkesaila.The current official guide price range is 115,900 yuan to 189,900 yuan.Generally, consumers will not choose the lowest-end manual transmission, and at worst they have to start with an automatic transmission.The guide price of the low-end automatic transmission is 126,900 yuan, and Mazda is the kind of car company that has no sales and is unwilling to cut prices, so the price of Angkesaila is very firm, and the market terminal discount is only 3,000 yuan, with a down payment of 30%, divided into 36 installmentsCalculate, 30% down payment of 37,000 yuan, commercial insurance about 6,200 yuan, compulsory insurance 950 yuan, vehicle and ship 480 yuan, registration fee 500 yuan, and some financial service fees, etc., the down payment repayment is about 56,500 yuan, and then the loan amount is about 87,000 yuan,Calculated on the basis of 36 monthly repayments.About 2,600 yuan, including handling fees and interest on loans.

From the above, a monthly salary of 4,000 excluding the monthly payment leaves only 1,400. Being single is fine, and I have been working hard for a few years. If I have a girlfriend and a family to support, I don’t even need to think about it.After buying a car, there are gas fees, parking fees, etc., so you can buy it with a monthly salary of 4,000, but you have to spend all your monthly salary on this car.

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