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The gap between Cadillac and Audi is not very big. Buying a car still depends on personal preference

2022-11-24 22:37:49Oriental Information Automobile

In fact, for consumers who buy two brands, they not only look at the car-making strength of the two brands, but also consider the face brought by the two brands.Of course, Audi's brand power is still stronger than that of Cadillac. After all, the BBA ranking is still deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.Although Audi ranks last in the BBA, it is still in the same circle as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and it is also a recognized first-line brand.Although Cadillac is also a luxury brand, it is a class lower than Audi. It is in the same circle as Lexus, Volvo and other brands, and belongs to the second-tier luxury brand.

Cadillac, a second-tier brand in sales in the market, is naturally not as good as Audi, and the face it brings to car owners is also slightly inferior.If you say it this way, you will definitely regret buying a Cadillac more.In addition, because GM's price has plunged too much, although Audi's discount rate is quite large, but it is a first-line brand after all, and its value preservation rate in the later period is much higher than that of Cadillac.Of course, there are many young people who like Cadillac CT4, 5, and 6 now, and the price is quite affordable.

In terms of product quality and reliability, Audi is also superior to Cadillac.Audi is a sub-brand of Volkswagen, and many sub-brands of Volkswagen share technology, so Audi's overall advantages in overall car manufacturing process and technology are more obvious.In addition, the maintenance cost of Cadillac in the later period is also higher than that of the Audi brand, so the first car to buy is Cadillac, and few people will choose this brand for the second time.

All in all, if you plan to buy a family car for a long time, the gap between Cadillac and Audi is not very big.Buying a car is a matter of personal preference.Others say that you will regret buying this, and what others say is just for your reference.In the end, it is you who make up your mind or yourself.But I personally think that after buying Audi, I will definitely not regret it. Now more and more people know that Cadillac is a fake luxury car, and it is becoming less and less popular now.

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