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Down-to-earth "Steel Cannon", more interior details exposed

2022-11-24 22:37:57Oriental Information Automobile

Speaking of Changan Auchan X5, I believe everyone will be familiar with it.Since the car was launched in 2020, it has always had good sales results.In order to further expand the product lineup and create a brand image that is more in line with the current young consumer groups, the new Auchan X5 sports version also came into being.This car was officially launched on November 30 last year, and two models were launched, namely the "Whirlwind Charge" priced at 100,900 yuan and the "Hurricane Sonic" priced at 107,900 yuan.So what are the highlights of these two cars, and who is more worth buying?Let's analyze and analyze together.

As a newly added model, the Auchan X5 sports version is more youthful in design. In addition to adding a more pure sports kit, the front grille, fog lamp area, front and rear side surrounds and rear spoiler are all added.The orange trim strip looks more dynamic and dynamic.At the same time, the new car also adds an "S" letter logo on the upper left of the China Open, further demonstrating its special identity.

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